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About / درباره

Radio Khiaban, is an online platform and podcast dedicated to women in Iran reclaiming public spaces, through feminist interventions of singing, and other transgressive acts in public spaces. 

The project aims to address the spatial discriminations, endemic to patriarchal societies everywhere: the policing of women’s voices and bodies, and their disenfranchisement from public space. How, silenced and constrained, women must creatively navigate the same streets that men easily move through.

Each episode of the podcast focuses on one aspect of gendered bodies and spatial inequality: the performances that are considered taboo or there is controversy around them in public by women, as well as places that restrict women by segregating them, or from entering them all together. Each episode has a special guest participant: a female singer who chooses a public space in which she sings and then she reflects on her bodily experience of the site-specific performance. Other participants and guests of each episode reflect on the specific topic of that episode. 

Saba Zavarei, the founder weaves these stories together with the histories of women’s struggles in public space around the world, to paint a holistic picture. The platform shapes a participatory and socially-engaged art practice where participants create their own feminist intervention acts under the guidance and interaction with Radio Khiaban’s team. Eventually all these actions are published through the podcast, website and other channels of the project. It aims at empowering women to reclaim the everyday spaces through creative tactics of quotidian life, to challenge the patriarchal norms and bring about change through their alternative performances. 

Radio Khiaban was born out of the practice side of Saba Zavarei’s PhD (2021) in performance studies and human geography at Goldsmiths, University of London and has become a collective project that has been displayed at art festivals, and public talks and presentations.  

 رادیو خیابان سکویی آنلاین است برای پس گرفتن و تصاحب فضا توسط زنان ایرانی، از طریق پرفورمنس‌ها و اجراهای جسور و خلاق روزمره، که با جمع‌آوری صدای آواز زنان از خیابان کار خودش را آغاز کرد و در ادامه به موضوعات دیگری از جمله دوچرخه‌سواری، رقص، پوشش، و هر رفتار دیگری که به نوعی جنسیت در آن باعث تبعیض شده می‌پردازد. در شرایطی که محدودیت‌های گوناگون نمی‌خواهد بگذارد صدای زنان در فضای عمومی به گوش برسد، رادیو خیابان سکویی است که هر زنی آزادانه می‌تواند از ترس‌، جسارت‌، امید، تلاش‌، سرخوردگی‌ و تجربه‌، از قصه‌های شخصی‌اش بگوید و بخواند. فرصتی برای همگرایی صدای جسور و آواز و روایت‌های دسته‌جمعی زنان است بر پهنه‌ی خیابان. آوازی که می‌رود تا فضای غالب مردسالار را پس بگیرد و روح برابری را در خیابان جاری کند

رادیوخیابان یک پروژه‌ی هنر مشارکتی مستقل است که توسط صبا زواره‌ای در سال ۱۳۹۷ راه افتاد.

رادیو خیابان به فارسی و انگلیسی منتشر می‌شود. هر برنامه این پادکست بر شبکه‌های ساندکلود و تلگرام به صورت فایل صوتی  و به صورت پادکست تمام پادکست‌ها قرار می‌گیرد.

برای حفظ حریم شخصی و مسائل امنیتی، الزاما شرکت‌کنندگان با نام واقعی خود صدا نمی‌شوند.

Team / تیم
saba zavarei.jpg

Saba Zavarei

Founder and Producer

Artist, writer and researcher stretched between Tehran and London, Saba created Radio Khiaban in 2018 to challenge discriminatory taboos and rules that create spatial discrimination for Iranian women . 

Her research thesis focuses on the creation of alternative emancipatory spaces of everyday life, through transgressive performances. She specifically looks into singing of Iranian women and how with all the cultural and legal obstacles, they find ways to express themselves through singing.

The other members of the team without whom this work wouldn't be possible, prefer to stay anonymous for safety and security reasons.

Technical Support

Arlie Adlington is an audio producer, editor and sound designer. He provides technical and production support on Radio Khiaban.

Press / رسانه


Q&A with Saba Zavarei - D-CAF Blog

مصاحبه‌ی مهدیس پویا با صبا زواره‌ای درباره رادیو خیابان منتشر شده در رادیو زمانه

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